Vertical Rectangular Tanks


2VFBDT family

Dependable compact high volume storage tanks that fit through doorways, are easy to install and can be conveniently expanded for even more storage capacity at any time, once again making Nacon tanks the safest and best value for your dollar.
Nacon Vertical Rectangular Tanks are the safest because they are the only ones that are not square. Are fully assembled, allowing you to enjoy not only the easiest, but also the quickest installation.  Whether connecting to an existing water system or developing a standalone reservoir, home, farm, cottage, indoors or outdoors or anywhere else for that matter, Nacon Double Cylinder tanks are your best bet.

Constructed of tough, seamless, high density, virgin polyethylene ensuring a very long, dependable service life storing fresh, clean, great-tasting water. Because of the quality materials used in its construction, you can be sure that if life happens to deal an accidental blow, it will not crack or shatter as some other materials might.

The compact dimensions and well thought out features make these tanks easy to join together form a storage system of any size.

By design these tanks maximize function, safety and taste. No matter how unique your water storage needs are, these Nacon tanks are far beyond just good enough. They are the standard.



1175-260-310 2VFBDT 52 x Dia29 x 62 (cutaway)1350-300-360 2VFBDT 52 x Dia29 x 72 (all accessories)